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Gardening tools needed for the home garden generally depends on how big your garden is and how much you want to spend. Although not a “tool” per se, a rototiller will most likely be needed to prepare the soil, unless you’re working in an established garden or an area that‘s previously been used as a garden. A rototiller is a motorized cultivator that works the soil with blades or tines. They come in all sizes and prices, and can also be rented from many garden centers for those who don’t want to make the investment. Once your soil is prepared and you have your seeds and/or plants, there are some basic gardening tools you’ll need. The following list will be sufficient for most beginning gardeners and can be added to later, if needed.

A spading fork to work the soil. A spading fork looks like a small pitchfork with wider tines. It’s used to break up the soil, turning and aerating the soil.

A hoe is needed for weeding. It can also be used for cultivating the surface of the soil to allow for the penetration of water and fertilizer. A hoe used for weeding is usually called a “clipper hoe.”

A shovel for digging holes for larger plants, such as shrubs or larger perennials.

A watering can is useful for watering seedlings. Choose a can with a long nozzle so that you can reach plants in the back of your garden.

A garden hose will be needed for watering plants once they become larger. Depending on the weather zone you live in, watering may not be necessary. However, if you live in one of the regions where summertime rain is not common, a water hose will definitely be a necessity.

A bow rake, which is used for leveling the soil after it’s been turned prior to planting. A bow rake is also useful for removing rocks from the soil or breaking up large clods of dirt.

Other basic garden tools include a pair of garden cilppers, or shears, and pruning scissors. These are used for removing foliage or branches, pruning, and deadheading plants and flowers.

Other items useful for gardening, although not technically “gardening tools” include gardening gloves, a kneeling pad to protect your knees, and a wheelbarrow.


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