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Garden furniture can be something as simple as a plain wooden bench, or as elaborate as a matching set of patio furniture, complete with tables, chairs, umbrellas, pillows and cushions. Basically, garden furniture is designed specifically for outdoor use and is made of weather resistant materials. The most common materials used for garden furniture are wood, teak, plastic, aluminum, wicker and wrought iron. Garden furniture that is made of wood should be treated periodically, otherwise exposure to the elements can cause the wood to deteriorate. If not treated, it should at least be put away in a garage or some other enclosed space in the wintertime. Teak is a common material used for garden furniture because it resists fungal decay and rot because it naturally contains silica. Plastic furniture can be left outside all year since it’s naturally waterproof. Aluminum furniture usually has a protective coating to prevent corrosion. More and more outdoor furniture is being made of resin, which is made of recycled plastic and is very durable. Due to the fact that it’s made of recycled plastic makes it a surprisingly good choice for the environment. It can even be made to resemble wicker or wood. Garden benches are often made from wrought iron, stone or cement. Stone benches can be engraved and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, from traditional to modern. Less common, but very beautiful, is garden furniture made of marble.

Garden furniture may also include accessories such as garden ornaments, statuary, fountains, bird baths and feeders, gazing balls and pedestals. Patio heaters are also made for the outdoors to be used on cold nights. They can be portable or permanently mounted on patio roofs. Garden heaters generally operate on electricity, natural gas or bottled butane fuel. Outdoor fire pits and portable fire “bowls” are also quite popular for patios and the garden. Portable fire bowls have become widely available at large super stores and garden centers. The clay models from southwestern United States and Mexico are called chimeneas.


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